Brokerage Policies

Our firm is committed to marketing our clients’ business offerings in a professional and confidential manner. To ensure that we always meet that commitment, our brokerage policies are:

  • We do not release name or location of the business over the phone
  • All listings are discussed only in private at our offices and toured only at suitable times
  • Prospective buyers must complete confidentiality agreement before we will discuss or tour any restaurant
  • Prospective buyers must provide a net worth statement, buyer registration, and a separate non-disclosure agreement for each business reviewed before receiving any financial documents or lease agreements
  • All offers must be in writing
  • A cashier’s check for at least 10% of the offer price is required as a “good faith” deposit before the offer is presented to the seller
  • Upon acceptance of the offer, the cashier’s check will be deposited in the broker’s trust account and will be applied to the proceeds at closing
  • If either the seller or buyer reject the offer or if any contingencies in the offer cannot be met, the cashier’s check will be returned to the buyer
  • Buyer and sell share equally in closing costs, including a closing attorney’s fee if one is used.

We strongly recommend that an impartial closing attorney be retained to handle title search, prepare all closing documents, and distribute financial payments. The closing should be held at the attorney’s office.

Confidential Net Worth Statement

Our inventory of restaurants, sports bars, nightclubs, pubs, taverns, and other food-service-related businesses changes daily and we constantly update our offerings. Browse through the listings from all our Network offices to find one that fits your business plan. Then register on-line with the appropriate office.

All transactions are confidential. We require a personal net worth statement with your registration and a non-disclosure agreement (Confidentiality Agreement) for each restaurant inquiry before we release any confidential information.