The History of
National Restaurant Properties

How It All Began

Like many American businesses, National Restaurant Properties was born out of necessity. Founder, Bob Dowdy loved creating and growing innovative, fresh business concepts from a very young age. A successful pattern quickly developed where Bob would create, build, sell and start again with each restaurant property he ran. However, eventually, there was a light-bulb moment where he realized he enjoyed selling the restaurants more than owning them. After a short time finagling his way into the world of business brokerage, National Restaurant Properties came to fruition.

The Early Days

Bob and his brother Richard spearheaded the company out of their vinyl-sided home with no expectations of what growth and expansions were blossoming. They had concluded a formula for success: unrelenting drive and intimate knowledge of the restaurant industry. Hard work was not something the Dowdy boys were afraid of. They sold a lot of restaurants, had their fair share of not-so-fun brokerage stories, but yet gained the expert experience needed to ensure the longevity and lifespan of National Restaurant Properties.

Growth, Expansion & Nationwide Impact

Through trials, tribulations, highs, and lows, National Restaurant Properties quickly got their stride down and eventually opened their flagship office in Charlotte, North Carolina. With strong systems in place, a constant stream of business, and an official headquarters, Bob and Richard were ready to not only expand their reach but grow their team. Most of the members of the NRP team had extensive experience in the restaurant industry, from working in them to owning them. This blend of brokerage skills and an encompassing understanding of the restaurant industry is what has made National Restaurant Properties so victorious and stand out from the rest. With solid processes and systems feeding off of business brokerage, real estate, and the restaurant world, they continue to prove effective, and successful practices since the beginning.

Pioneering more growth in the late nineties, Bob began expanding the National Restaurant Properties locations. He felt there was a need for brokers to be present in the cities in which they conduct business. This allowed the business entrepreneurs to connect with the community, understand the unique nuances of each real estate market, restaurant trends, demographics and more. Thus, allowing even more expert understanding of the world of restaurant brokerage.

Enter Patty Dowdy. After working about every job there is to work in the restaurant business, she yearned for something more. Looking for green pastures, she moved back to Charlotte to work with her father, Bob. Again making her way through every position at National Restaurant Properties, she quickly realized this was exactly the career she was searching for.

NRP’s Restaurant Brokerage Impact Today

Now holding offices in seven different major cities and representing cities well beyond the homestead locations, National Restaurant Properties have taken the world of business brokerage by storm. With offices in fast-growing, highly sought after cities like Nashville, Charleston, and Asheville it’s clear Bob and Richards’ years of grinding and hard work truly paid off. With Patty spearheading the continued growth and expansion with her father alongside her, the business brokers now offer a multitude of services from buying and selling restaurants to landlord and tenant representation and everything in between.

Today, National Restaurant Properties is a team of seasoned brokers who know the restaurant business inside and out throughout the United States. Their fire is still burning strong, constantly expanding and reaching a larger market and educating themselves on every turning trend and advances.