Listing ID Listing Price
clt01001 Craft Beer At Its Finest (SOLD) 225000
clt00997 Pizza With Pizzazz (SOLD) 50000
clt00991 Southern Comfort Food With An Edge (SOLD) 220000
clt00985 Siggy’s Good Food (SOLD) 155000
clt00976 Sushi Chef’s Dream (SOLD) 79000
clt00961 Smooth Operator Needed For Freestanding in Concord (SOLD) 85000
clt00993 South Charlotte QSR (SOLD) 120000
clt00987 One of Charlotte’s Favorite Vietnamese Restaurants (SOLD) 299000
clt00992 Prime Uptown Charlotte Bar (SOLD) 395000
clt00983 Upscale Sushi and Hibachi With A View (SOLD) 430000
clt00984 Fin-tastic Oppor-tuna-ty -Asian Concept Restaurant (SOLD) 135000
clt00986 Montford Park Asset Sale (SOLD) 100000
clt00983 Turn Key Ready Charlotte Asset Sale (SOLD) 155000
clt00978 Extra Cheesy Charming Pizzeria (SOLD) 199500
clt00975 Catch Of The Day (SOLD) 425000
clt00977 Catering or Carryout (SOLD) 32000
clt00978 Hot Pizza in Huntersville (SOLD) 120000
clt00972 Open Space Lease (SOLD) 6100
clt00973 You can have whatever you like at this location (SOLD) 250000
clt00974 Bring your own concept! (SOLD) 135000
clt00966 Luxury Sweets (SOLD) 150000
clt00971 Morning Commute and Coffee (SOLD) 59000
clt00970 Fresh & Tasty Treats! (SOLD) 39000
clt00966 Cupcrazed – Two Units (SOLD) 200000
clt00953 Food to Make You Feel Good (SOLD) 125000
clt00967 Brewery Asset Sale (SOLD) 650000
clt00964 Craft Beer Bottle Shop (SOLD) 325000
clt00963 Upscale Wine & Tapas (SOLD) 150000
clt00962 Concord Mills Asset Sale (SOLD) 195000
clt00959 Primo Asian Restaurant (SOLD) 250000
clt00960 Pizza for the Whole Family! (SOLD) 99500
clt00954 South Park Area Asset Sale (SOLD) 99000
clt00952 Casual and Colorful (SOLD) 165000
clt00949 Mediterranean with a Unique Spin (SOLD) 96000
clt00948 Italian Diamond in the Rough (SOLD) 165000
clt00947 Bring your own concept (SOLD) 4000
clt00946 Mom-n-Pop Pizzeria (SOLD) 99500
clt00942 Money Making Indian Concept (SOLD) 175000
clt00940 Most Popular Pizza (SOLD) 150000
clt00936 Davidson Asset Sale (SOLD) 50000
clt00930 Small Town Stand Out Restaurant (SOLD) 110000
clt00929 Fast & Hip (SOLD) 225000
clt00928 Welcoming Upscale Bar & Restaurant (SOLD) 1450000
clt00926 Small Town Downtown Retail Redevelopment Opportunity (SOLD) 575000
clt00925 One of a Kind Retail Property & Businesss (SOLD) 2099999
clt00924 Superb Seafood Restaurant (SOLD) 119000
clt00923 Unbeatable Location Asset Sale (SOLD) 199000
clt00919 High Profile Asset Sale (SOLD) 125000
clt00918 Perfectly Picturesque Restaurant (SOLD) 225000
clt00913 Much Loved Vietnamese Concept (SOLD) 175000
clt00912 Endless Concepts in Gorgeous Facility (SOLD) 45000
clt00954 In-Town Thai (SOLD) 120000
clt00951 Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Cash Flow (SOLD) 395000
clt00900 Union County Diner (SOLD) 349000