Charlotte, NC

Asking Price: $96,000

Listing ID: clt00949

Full Service

Sq. Footage: 2,000

Total Revenue: $233000

Summary Description

Located in a shopping plaza that will take you away to another world once you are inside the restaurant. An unexpected fine dining experience with a cool and comfortable bar as well as an outdoor patio area! With amazing reviews and surrounded by an ever growing surrounding community this is the perfect spot to either continue with what is already working in this location or create something totally unique to you!

This location is a totally unique find in the area with top of the line reviews and an every evolving customer base eager to taste this cuisine. The options for what you could do with this place are endless. With such a beautiful concept already laid out for you that is favored by the customers, you have open ended possibilities to develop this into something new or just tweek what you would like to keep the costumers coming!

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Financing is Not Available for this Property

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