Charlotte, NC

Asking Price: $260,000

Listing ID: clt01019

Full Service

Sq. Footage: 3,780

Summary Description

This restaurant is nestled in one of Uptown Charlotte’s premier dining destinations and features a very progressive approach to some of the most common classics – while simultaneously maintaining a traditional flair.

This area is sprawling with day-time lunch traffic and takes on a new crowd at night and weekends. There is sporting event traffic from nearby Spectrum Center, Knights Stadium and Bank of America Stadium and from numerous cultural events. One of the rare Uptown locations that caters to all day parts – lunch, evenings and weekends are unstoppable!

If you think your concept is right for the Uptown market, you simply CAN NOT go wrong with this location. The current concept offers a unique dining experience with a solid business model already in place that residents and workers love.

Not only will you have a restaurant in one of the trendiest parts of Uptown – you will also have one of the best under-market leases available.

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Financing is Not Available for this Property

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