Davidson Chocolates was sold to Ana Vasquez at the beginning of 2014. Her and her husband relocated to Charlotte from Venezuela to run both locations and be closer to family already here. They are really enjoying the people and the warm welcome they have received in both locations.


Before coming to Charlotte Ana attended culinary school in Venezuela. She found her passion in creating custom wedding cakes. She was doing both catering and baking out of her home, but she wanted something more. We showed Ana numerous businesses before she decided on Davidson Chocolate. The well-established local brand and high-quality of life the shop afforded led her to where she is now.


Ana expected long hours and hard work lay ahead for her and her husband. Knowing that has helped them through the busiest time of the year. She is very excited about learning the ropes and making some creative changes along the way. Ana is loving the juxtaposition between the traditional flavors and the Latin flavors of her birthplace. The passion fruit truffle is one of her favorite creations and is quickly becoming a customer favorite too!


When asked what she loves most about her new business, her answer was simple: “It’s mine”! The proud business owner loves the freedom and creativity of making something new everyday. The customers love it too! Whether they are longtime customers or first timers they always leave happy. Ana isn’t planning on reinventing the wheel at Davidson Chocolate, she is looking forward to adding some personal touches as she goes. She wants to continue to add more tropical flavors and push her customers to try new things.


We are very happy for Ana and her family–we wish you the best of luck!